Wounded Cities is acclaimed photographer Leo Rubinfien's exploration of the "mental wound" that was left by the terror attacks in New York in 2001, and in cities around the world in the years before and after. One week before September 11th, Rubinfien, his wife and small children moved into a new apartment two blocks from the World Trade Center. Continue →

Holly Andres's first solo exhibition in New York will feature photographs from the series Sparrow Lane, including the debut of new works in the series. Displaying a rich understanding of color and composition, Andres's tableaux depict young women on the threshold of adulthood, propelled by their curiosity and sense of discovery. Continue →

Robert Mann Gallery opens the fall exhibition season with a suite of vintage photographic works by Dutch conceptual artist Michel Szulc-Krzyzanowski. Living out of his custom expedition vehicle, Szulc-Krzyzanowski engaged in a rigorous study of possibilities opened by combining multiple frames of images into sequences. Continue →

Robert Mann Gallery's summer exhibition, Of the Refrain, explores the formal repetitions and shared motifs of photographers working with commonplace genres such as portraiture and commercial still life during the first half of the 20th century. Continue →

Robert Mann Gallery presents a selection of photographs by Aaron Siskind that draw upon the four seminal exhibitions the artist had at the Egan Gallery between April 1947 and June 1954. Continue →

Jem Southam's careful studies of the effects of time continue with his photographs of the rockfalls of Normandy, the subject of his second solo exhibition at Robert Mann Gallery. Revisiting the same sites over the course of several years, Southam's photographs of crumbling cliffs and boulders reward careful inspection of details, indulging in the subtle beauty of colors and textures. Continue →

With the installation of the 14 photographs in Voyager, Silvio Wolf leads gallery visitors on a metaphorical journey enveloping the full range of photographic capabilities, weaving in and out of representation and abstraction. Beginning with an aerial view of seats at Milan's famous opera house, La Scala, Wolf signals that we are entering a world of theater and narrative. Continue →